For G&S Vastgoed | Volker Wessels we are redefining the Museum. Within the iconic Wonderwoods development (Utrecht I NL) WeLoveYourWork is conceiving & realising a place unlike you have ever seen. Together with Architects, Engineers, Artists & Experts we not only produced a winning bid, but also are creatively directing it's realisation. PlayLab (working title) will open in 2023...

Winning bid was developed using WeLoveYour future dialogues, and scenario based resoning 

This artspace for the future will transcend any notions of a traditional museum or gallery, as it hosts a new type of multisensory and interactive digital art exhibition that actively encourages participation with the public. The Venue wil be dedicated to showcasing works by the world’s leading digital artists who are experimenting with new technology and new forms of creative expression. Visitors will get lost in the monumental space (3,000 m2), that is purpose-built with state-of-the-art technologies.





De Ruyterkade 128
1011 AC, Amsterdam


Tel: (+31) 6-42385653

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