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For G&S Vastgoed | Volker Wessels we are redefining the Museum. Within the iconic Wonderwoods development (Utrecht I NL) WeLoveYourWork is conceiving & realising a place unlike you have ever seen. Together with Architects, Engineers, Artists & Experts we not only produced a winning bid, but also are creatively directing it's realisation. Doors will open in 2023...



WeLoveYourWork is a network consisting out of senior strategists and creatives. With academic backgrounds in sociology, technology and arts and years of experience in future forecasting, management consultancy, branding, technology, new product- and service design & development, we can offer the services described below.  

We are a sparring partner to boards, senior management, investors & policy makers. We have developed customisable formats based on proven methods to help them develop vision and strategy. You can read more about our formats here. Last but not least we orchestrate realisation of new services either ad interim or as coaches to people in your organisation.  



Futures Intelligence & Anticipatory


What is a library without books? How to redefine a pension fund when scientists like Aubrey De Grey state that the first human that will be a thousand years old is all ready born? Can technology help to realise an animal friendly zoo? Which formats can help public broadcasters help to survive in times of Netflix & Spotify?


In our future dialogues we confront your organisation and it's stakeholders with our ongoing research on trends, drivers for change and future insights and help you to navigate complexity. Together with your organisation and external experts we discuss, and generate ideas on how you can anticipate new developments.


Think & Plan

Scenario's, Vision, Purpose

Strategy & Plans

After the future dialogies we use co-creative methods and tools to structure ideas and to help your organisation to develop scenario's (SBR), formulate a vision and purpose in the light of these scenario's. 

Scenario's, vision and purpose can then be creatively be translated in a strategy, and plans for new directions, or new services. 


We help you to generate structured input for bids, project- or policy- proposals, multi year plans, organisational-, service- or product designs etc.


Business modeling & funding, Strategic Creativity, Design Management

We go on where most consultancies stop. We develop projects and help you to realise the service, campaign, media format, festival, exhibition, research project, museum, store, zoo, school, bank, or city of the future.

WLYW works within a network of creative partners. We have extensive experience in the field of design management: we help you to translate vision and strategy into initial design & prototypes, select partners, help to find funding and steer creative processes up until realisation.

Organisational Resilience

& Futures Literacy Training, Coaching,

Time Travel

We provide made to measure training programs on organisational resilience and futures literacy either for organisations or individuals working on innovation within organisations. This can also include senior level coaching.

We plan and guide made to measure 'Time Traveling Tours', expeditions to the unevenly distributed future. Destinations vary from local subculture hang-outs in the Netherlands to homes for the elderly in Japan. 




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